About Us

Our research interest is focused on the synthesis and characterization of carbon nanomaterials (graphene, carbon nanotubes), ceramic nanoparticles, coatings and composites. We are interested in collaboration with other research groups and industry on applications of the new materials we develop.


August 2017, Furkan Joined NMG – We welcome Furkan Türker as he joined Nanomaterials Research Group as MS student.

August 2017 – Congratulations to Elif Mercan, who has successfully defended her MS thesis today.

Elif Mercan Tez Savunma

13th International Conference on Diffusion in Solids and Liquids (DSL), Vienna, June 2017 – Assoc. Prof. Goknur Buke gave an invited talk on “Understanding And Controlling The Formation Of Graphene On Cu Foil – The Effect Of Impurity Diffusion”.


with Dr. Steven Fairchild (AFRL), Dr. Ruth Patcher (AFRL), Prof. Ulrich Starke (Max-Planck), Prof. Francesca Lacopi (UT Sydney)

Burcu’s Project will be funded by TUBITAK burcu-yilmaz– In this project, Burcu Yılmaz (Undergraduate student at TOBB ETU MBN) will prepare graphene nanocomposites and study their mechanical properties.
Congratulations Burcu!

October 2016, 3rd Emerging 2D Materials & Graphene Conference from Laboratory to Industry — İlker Kaygusuz (PhD Student) and Dogukan Senyildiz (MS student) were at the 3rd Emerging 2D Materials & Graphene Conference for their oral and poster presentations. İlker gave a talk about his studies on “The Effect of Heating Plates on the Structure and Properties of Graphene Grown via SiC Vacuum Decomposition“. Dogukan presented his poster titled “Observation of Graphene Formation on Cu Foil Using Optical Microscope“. Dogukan received 2nd Place Award in Best Poster Presentations.


October 2016, Omer Joined NMG — We welcome Omer Caylan as he joined Nanomaterials Research Group as MS student.

Congratulations Dogukan! — Dogukan has graduated and joined to NMG group as MS student.


August 2016, IMRC – Cancun – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Goknur Buke was one of the organizers of Bionanodesign Symposium at the XXV International Materials Research Conference, Cancun Mexico. (https://www.mrs-mexico.org.mx/imrc2016/program-session.php?id=00002)

Cancun 2016.JPG

June 2016, NanoTR12– Assoc. Prof. Göknur Büke was at Gebze Technical University for her invited talk about epitaxial synthesis of graphene at the “12th National Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Conference” (NanoTR12).

June 2016, Assoc. Prof. Goknur Buke was on TRT Kent Radio giving answers to questions about Nanotechnology.


May 2016, Two Finalists at NanoPicture Contest — Elif Mercan (MS student) and undergrad student Doğukan Şenyıldız’s micrographs from their stuides selected as finalists in the NanoPicture Contest at the NanoDay 2016 by UNAM, Bilkent University.


Mert’s Project Has Been Approved by TUBITAK — 13178681_1184548338252164_5054505200983875258_nOrhan Mert Kumbasar’s (Undergraduate student) project titled “Effect of Graphene Oxide on the Crystallization of PLA” has been approved by TUBITAK to be funded under the National Research Projects Fellowship Programme for Undergraduate Students. Mert has been a part of the Nanomaterials Research Group since 2014 and successfully completed his two of three co-op terms at TAI. We congratulate Mert and wish him all the best in his future studies.

Congratulations Emre! — 35dc30a9-3e8a-4e23-b1cf-e43adc76779fTOBB ETU MNT MS student Emre Kayalı has successfully defended his thesis titled “Developing Carbon Based Electrode Materials For Lithium-Ion Battery Applications” on April 7th 2016. Emre will join to Assoc. Prof. Majid Beidaghi’s group at Materials Engineering Departmant, Auburn University (USA) for his PhD.

December 2015, MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit at Boston — Assoc. Prof. Goknur Buke and Emre Kayalı were at the 2015 MRS Fall Meeting  with an oral and poster presentation. Emre Kayalı gave a talk on “Investigation of Catalyst Effect on the Formation of 1D Carbon Nanostructures via Low Temperature Vacuum Decomposition of SiC”. You can see the relevant information here.


2015 Fall MRS Meeting Scenes | Boston | with Prof. Dresselhaus, Prof. Yoshimura, Prof. Gogotsi and Prof. Oren  and his group

October 2015, 2015 Graphene Turkey — Assoc. Prof. Göknur Cambaz Buke was in the Organizing Committee of the Graphene Turkey. She gave an invited talk on “Low Temperature and Low Vacuum Synthesis of Epitaxial Graphene”. NMG Group was also  at the conference, with students from MBN Department. You can access the relevant information here.


2015 Graphene Meeting Scenes |İstanbul| with Rodney Ruoff, Jong Ahn, Barbaros Ozyilmaz, Ali Coskun, Hacer Selamoglu

September 2015, Prof. Yury Gogotsiyury&us  from Drexel University visited our lab.


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