About Us

Our research interest is focused on the synthesis and characterization of carbon nanomaterials (graphene, carbon nanotubes), ceramic nanoparticles, coatings and composites. We are interested in collaboration with other research groups and industry on applications of the new materials we develop.


April 2018, MRS Spring Meeting – Phoenix 


August 2017 – Congratulations to Elif Mercan, who has successfully defended her MS thesis today.

November 2016 – Congratulations to our very first graduates! 


August 2016, IMRC – Cancun – Bionanodesign Symposium at the XXV International Materials Research Conference, Cancun Mexico.



June 2016, Assoc. Prof. Goknur Buke was on TRT Kent Radio giving answers to questions about Nanotechnology.

Congratulations Emre! — 35dc30a9-3e8a-4e23-b1cf-e43adc76779fTOBB ETU MNT MS student Emre Kayalı has successfully defended his thesis titled “Developing Carbon Based Electrode Materials For Lithium-Ion Battery Applications” on April 7th 2016. Emre will join to Assoc. Prof. Majid Beidaghi’s group at Materials Engineering Departmant, Auburn University (USA) for his PhD.

December 2015, MRS Fall Meeting – Boston 


2015 Fall MRS Meeting Scenes | Boston | with Prof. Dresselhaus, Prof. Yoshimura, Prof. Gogotsi and Prof. Oren  and his group



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